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  Linux servers, each with Pentium III CPUs and 256 MB of RAM, protected by an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to defeat the effect of a power surge at the onset of an electricity failure. The data centre is located in a building with a diesel engine generator to prevent electricity outage.
Performance Tuning
  The servers are tuned up to work best in our hosting environment. A performance monitoring system is installed to avoid overloading of servers.
  Protected by daily backups. We also practice periodic simulation of disaster recovery so that services can be resumed as quickly as possible when a server crashes.
Centre Access
  We have our own data centre with instant access. This gives us a higher level of control over server setup, maintenance, and emergencies.
Centre Environment
  The data centre is properly air-conditioned and the temperature is monitored by an electronic sensor. We are immediately notified if the temperature is too high (such as when the air-conditioner is not working) and will remedy the situation immediately.

24 x 7 server monitoring by reliable computer program. Problems will b e reported to system administrators who stand by to rectify issues around the clock.

  - Firewall: Used between the system and the outside world to guard against unwanted traffic.

- Anti-virus Programs: installed on all servers and instant scanning on each upload incident. The virus patterns are updated frequently.

- Physical Access: by authorized person only.
  3T1 (4.5MBPS) direct connection to HKIX for local traffic and for overseas access. policies to maintain 30% spare bandwidth (access speed is a factor of how jammed the line is rather than how big the bandwidth is). our lines are dedicated entirely to our own customers, while some providers prefer a very large bandwidth but shared among many other providers.

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